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Gold snatching at a rise in chinchwad, police ineffective in putting t
Posted by :Shreya Level :city (Pune, Maharashtra ) Type :common Issue Category :Justice

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In past few years chain snatching is in rise in pimpri chinchwad. These burglars’s come on bikes snatch the chain and flee in a blink of an eye. The snatchers don’t have even the slightest fear of police or law, and even police note down the complaint and I believe dump the file somewhere.
Last Sunday 2 burglars came on a bike following a lady inside her society near thermax chowk, sambhaji nagar and in the pretext of asking the address stopped by her and in the presence of people around literally pushed the lady on the ground and pulled her chain and eloped away. And the very next day another lady in same area was a victim of chain snatching .
When will the police do something about this, is it so difficult to catch hold of them, with each incident their courage is increasing , that is because police is unable get even close to them. Every day at least one incident of gold or bag snatching is heard in chinchwad area. Its high time police bring them to books before the public loses their tolerance.
Police of pimpri chinchwad is inefficient in curbing robbery and gold snatching?



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